Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter

Highlighting Features

  • Good Curve Shape Memory.
  • Good Torque control due to internal SS braid mesh.
  • Very good kink Resistance.
  • Excellent surface finish to prevent vascular spasm.
  • Various tip configurations.
  • Good kick resistance.
  • Ataumatic soft tip to minimize the vessel damage.
  • Straight and Angled curves designed for radial access of right and left coronary arteries.
    This single catheter concept decreases procedure and fluoroscopy times, providing both procedural and cost-effeciency.
  • Excellent Radio opaque traceability.
  • Ergonomic hub facilities safe connection.
  • Catheter can withstand high pressure upto 950 psi
  • 0.038” guidewire compatibility

Technical Specification

Outer Diameter5 Fr- 1.70 mm
6 Fr- 2.00 mm
Inner Diameter5 Fr- 1.12 mm
6 Fr- 1.37 mm
Maximum Guide Wire Size0.038”
Pressure Limit950 psi
Catheter MaterialPolyamide
Mesh Braid MaterialStainless Steel
Flow Rate5 Fr- 25±3 ml
6 Fr- 58±5 ml
Effective Length965 mm
Units per box5 No’s


S. No.Fr SizeCurve ShapesApproachCurve ModelRefrence Code
15FRTiger StraightRadial3.50 cmATS-3500-5Fr
25FRTiger StraightRadial4.00 cmATS-4000-5Fr
35FRTiger StraightRadial4.50 cmATS-4500-5Fr
45FRTiger AngledRadial3.50 cmATA-3500-5Fr
55FRTiger AngledRadial4.00 cmATA-4000-5Fr
65FRTiger AngledRadial4.50 cmATA-4500-5Fr
75FRJudkins LeftFemoral3.50 cmAJL-3500-5Fr
85FRJudkins LeftFemoral4.00 cmAJL-4000-5Fr
95FRJudkins LeftFemoral4.50 cmAJL-4500-5Fr
105FRJudkins RightFemoral3.50 cmAJR-3500-5Fr
115FRJudkins RightFemoral4.00 cmAJR-4000-5Fr
125FRJudkins RightFemoral4.50 cmAJR-4500-5Fr
135FRPig TailFemoral90°APT-0900-5Fr
145FRPig TailFemoral145°APT-1450-5Fr
155FRPig TailFemoral155°APT-1550-5Fr
165FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL1AAL-AL01-5Fr
175FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL2AAL-AL02-5Fr
185FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL3AAL-AL03-5Fr
195FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR1AAR-AR01-5Fr
205FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR2AAR-AR02-5Fr
215FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR3AAR-AR03-5Fr
226FRTiger StraightRadial3.50 cmATS-3500-6Fr
236FRTiger StraightRadial4.00 cmATS-4000-6Fr
246FRTiger StraightRadial4.50 cmATS-4500-6Fr
256FRTiger AngledRadial3.50 cmATA-3500-6Fr
266FRTiger AngledRadial4.00 cmATA-4000-6Fr
276FRTiger AngledRadial4.50 cmATA-4500-6Fr
286FRJudkins LeftFemoral3.50 cmAJL-3500-6Fr
296FRJudkins LeftFemoral4.00 cmAJL-4000-6Fr
306FRJudkins LeftFemoral4.50 cmAJL-4500-6Fr
316FRJudkins RightFemoral3.50 cmAJR-3500-6Fr
326FRJudkins RightFemoral4.00 cmAJR-4000-6Fr
336FRJudkins RightFemoral4.50 cmAJR-4500-6Fr
376FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL1AAL-AL01-6Fr
386FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL2AAL-AL02-6Fr
396FRAmplatz LeftFemoralAL3AAR-AL03-6Fr
406FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR1AAR-AR01-6Fr
416FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR2AAR-AR02-6Fr
426FRAmplatz RightFemoralAR3AAR-AR03-6Fr