Guiding Catheter


Highlighting Features

  • Amber™ offers high performance in delivering various devices through it by virtue of its inner PTFE lining which is highly lubricious.
  • Multi-segment design of device which makes it maximum kink resistant, offers high level flexibility for gentle cannulation and great torquability from hub to distal end of Catheter.
  • 3 layered construction.
  • Flat Stainless-Steel braiding.
  • Relatively larger inner lumen for better space for device delivery.
  • Outstanding kissing Balloons Capabilities.
  • Optimal balance and superior vessel alignment
  • Excellent backup support
  • Smooth surface finish to prevent vascular spasm.
  • Atraumatic soft tip to minimize vessel damage.
  • Excellent radio-opacity
  • Length: 100 cm / 110 cm; with or without side holes

Technical Specification

Available Lengths100 cm / 110 cm; with or without side holes
Outer Diameter5 Fr- 1.70mm
6 Fr- 2.00mm
7 Fr- 2.32mm
Inner Diameter5 Fr- 1.40mm
6 Fr- 1.75mm
7 Fr- 2.00mm
Mesh Braid MaterialStainless-Steel Flat braid
Pressure Limit950 psi
Units per box1 No's


S/NFr SizeCurve ShapesCurve ModelReference Code
15FrJudkins Left3.00 cmGJL-3000-5Fr
25FrJudkins Left3.50 cmGJL-3500-5Fr
35FrJudkins Left4.00 cmGJL-4000-5Fr
45FrJudkins Left4.50 cmGJL-4500-5Fr
55FrJudkins Left5.00 cmGJL-5000-5Fr
65FrJudkins Right3.00 cmGJR-3000-5Fr
75FrJudkins Right3.50 cmGJR-3500-5Fr
85FrJudkins Right4.00 cmGJR-4000-5Fr
95FrJudkins Right4.50 cmGJR-4500-5Fr
105FrJudkins Right5.00 cmGJR-5000-5Fr
115FrExtra Back up3.00 cmGXB-3000-5Fr
125FrExtra Back up3.50 cmGXB-3500-5Fr
135FrExtra Back up4.00 cmGXB-4000-5Fr
145FrExtra Back up4.50 cmGXB-4500-5Fr
155FrExtra Back up5.00 cmGXB-5000-5Fr
165FrIkari3.00 cmGIK-3000-5Fr
175FrIkari3.50 cmGIK-3500-5Fr
185FrIkari4.00 cmGIK-4000-5Fr
195FrIkari4.50 cmGIK-4500-5Fr
205FrIkari5.00 cmGIK-5000-5Fr
215FrAmplatz LeftAL1GAL-AL01-5Fr
225FrAmplatz LeftAL2GAL-AL02-5Fr
235FrAmplatz LeftAL3GAL-AL03-5Fr
245FrAmplatz RightAR1GAR-AR01-5Fr
255FrAmplatz RightAR2GAR-AR02-5Fr
265FrAmplatz RightAR3GAR-AR03-5Fr
275FrMulti Purpose3.00 cmGMP-3000-5Fr
285FrMulti Purpose3.50 cmGMP-3500-5Fr
295FrMulti Purpose4.00 cmGMP-4000-5Fr
305FrMulti Purpose4.50 cmGMP-4500-5Fr
315FrMulti Purpose5.00 cmGMP-5000-5Fr
325FrBarbeau3.00 cmGBR-3000-5Fr
335FrBarbeau3.50 cmGBR-3500-5Fr
345FrBarbeau4.00 cmGBR-4000-5Fr
355FrBarbeau4.50 cmGBR-4500-5Fr
365FrBarbeau5.00 cmGBR-5000-5Fr
376FrJudkins Left3.00 cmGJL-3000-6Fr
386FrJudkins Left3.50 cmGJL-3500-6Fr
396FrJudkins Left4.00 cmGJL-4000-6Fr
406FrJudkins Left4.50 cmGJL-4500-6Fr
416FrJudkins Left5.00 cmGJL-5000-6Fr
426FrJudkins Right3.00 cmGJR-3000-6Fr
436FrJudkins Right3.50 cmGJR-3500-6Fr
446FrJudkins Right4.00 cmGJR-4000-6Fr
456FrJudkins Right4.50 cmGJR-4500-6Fr
466FrJudkins Right5.00 cmGJR-5000-6Fr
476FrExtra Back up3.00 cmGXB-3000-6Fr
486FrExtra Back up3.50 cmGXB-3500-6Fr
496FrExtra Back up4.00 cmGXB-4000-6Fr
506FrExtra Back up4.50 cmGXB-4500-6Fr
516FrExtra Back up5.00 cmGXB-5000-6Fr
526FrIkari3.00 cmGIK-3000-6Fr
536FrIkari3.50 cmGIK-3500-6Fr
546FrIkari4.00 cmGIK-4000-6Fr
556FrIkari4.50 cmGIK-4500-6Fr
566FrIkari5.00 cmGIK-5000-6Fr
576FrAmplatz LeftAL1GAL-AL01-6Fr
586FrAmplatz LeftAL2GAL-AL02-6Fr
596FrAmplatz LeftAL3GAL-AL03-6Fr
606FrAmplatz RightAR1GAR-AR01-6Fr
616FrAmplatz RightAR2GAR-AR02-6Fr
626FrAmplatz RightAR3GAR-AR03-6Fr
636FrMulti Purpose3.00 cmGMP-3000-6Fr
646FrMulti Purpose3.50 cmGMP-3500-6Fr
656FrMulti Purpose4.00 cmGMP-4000-6Fr
666FrMulti Purpose4.50 cmGMP-4500-6Fr
676FrMulti Purpose5.00 cmGMP-5000-6Fr
686FrBarbeau3.00 cmGBR-3000-6Fr
696FrBarbeau3.50 cmGBR-3500-6Fr
706FrBarbeau4.00 cmGBR-4000-6Fr
716FrBarbeau4.50 cmGBR-4500-6Fr
726FrBarbeau5.00 cmGBR-5000-6Fr
737FrJudkins Left3.00 cmGJL-3000-7Fr
747FrJudkins Left3.50 cmGJL-3500-7Fr
757FrJudkins Left4.00 cmGJL-4000-7Fr
767FrJudkins Left4.50 cmGJL-4500-7Fr
777FrJudkins Left5.00 cmGJL-5000-7Fr
787FrJudkins Right3.00 cmGJR-3000-7Fr
797FrJudkins Right3.50 cmGJR-3500-7Fr
807FrJudkins Right4.00 cmGJR-4000-7Fr
817FrJudkins Right4.50 cmGJR-4500-7Fr
827FrJudkins Right5.00 cmGJR-5000-7Fr
837FrExtra Back up3.00 cmGXB-3000-7Fr
847FrExtra Back up3.50 cmGXB-3500-7Fr
857FrExtra Back up4.00 cmGXB-4000-7Fr
867FrExtra Back up4.50 cmGXB-4500-7Fr
877FrExtra Back up5.00 cmGXB-5000-7Fr
887FrIkari3.00 cmGIK-3000-7Fr
897FrIkari3.50 cmGIK-3500-7Fr
907FrIkari4.00 cmGIK-4000-7Fr
917FrIkari4.50 cmGIK-4500-7Fr
927FrIkari5.00 cmGIK-5000-7Fr
937FrAmplatz LeftAL1GAL-AL01-7Fr
947FrAmplatz LeftAL2GAL-AL02-7Fr
957FrAmplatz LeftAL3GAL-AL03-7Fr
967FrAmplatz RightAR1GAR-AR01-7Fr
977FrAmplatz RightAR2GAR-AR02-7Fr
987FrAmplatz RightAR3GAR-AR03-7Fr
997FrMulti Purpose3.00 cmGMP-3000-7Fr
1007FrMulti Purpose3.50 cmGMP-3500-7Fr
1017FrMulti Purpose4.00 cmGMP-4000-7Fr
1027FrMulti Purpose4.50 cmGMP-4500-7Fr
1037FrMulti Purpose5.00 cmGMP-5000-7Fr
1047FrBarbeau3.00 cmGBR-3000-7Fr
1057FrBarbeau3.50 cmGBR-3500-7Fr
1067FrBarbeau4.00 cmGBR-4000-7Fr
1077FrBarbeau4.50 cmGBR-4500-7Fr
1087FrBarbeau5.00 cmGBR-5000-7Fr