Relisys is established & leading OEM service providers primarily for Cardiovascular Medical Devices. We offer our services to various well-known players in the Industry. However, we are not limited to this specific industry for OEM and can deliver your requirements based on your projects.


We are end-to-end service provider for various following processes which you are thinking to outsource:

  • Stent Designing (2D and 3D Models)
  • Stent Laser cutting- for any specific stent designs (Both SS & Co-Cr)
  • Post stent cut Processing
  • Drug coating
  • Stent crimping
  • PTCA Catheter Proximal shafts
  • Balloon Forming
  • PTCA Manufacturing
  • Balloons Hypo-Tubes
  • Extrusion- For different polymers (mono lumen, multi lumen)
  • Laser and Radio Frequency welding
  • Braiding
  • Diagnostic Catheters Assembly
  • Guide Catheter Assembly
  • Sterilization (ETO)
  • R & D in metallurgy, Polymers and Pharma
  • CRAM- Contract research & Manufacturing

Being a large scale manufacturer, we can also offer the products in your own labels(OBL).

Stent Designing & Laser Cutting
Guide & Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter
Multi Lumen Tubings
PTCA/PTA Balloon
Braided Tubings
Monolumen/Striped Tubings
Stent System